Our solution is addressed both to entities processing databases of multimillion scanned documents, as well as to smaller companies that want to use specific information from their databases.

The advanced models associated with image recognition and extraction of information determined by client, provide high-quality data that supports decision-taking and automates business processes in organizations.

IQ OCR supports a number of standard document formats from different industries and the most commonly data used in business analysis. The scope of the extracted data, as well as their output format is tailored to the client's needs.


Intelligent extraction of business-useful data from a large number of documents without the need of creating templates for individual document types.

We extract specified values, personal data, addresses, IDs, signatures, telephone numbers.

We do not convert images to another format but we extract specific data and prepare them for business use, analysis, importing into the client’s system.

We create dedicated data extraction rules according to customer’s needs, we analyze context, and data with particular structure.

We build self learning models for character recognition from documents using Deep Neural Networks.

We adopt state-of-art deep learning techniques to enhance the efficiency and automate the extraction of data from documents.

We do not provide a character string, but information with defined structure. Our algorithms recognize structural relationships.

We guarantee security of data processing.

IQ OCR in numbers

43 million

of collected

28 million

of analyzed

4.6 million

of analyzed
pages per month

How does it work?

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For whom

financial institutions

debt collection companies

insurance companies

public institutions



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